Amazing Photos Show Exactly How Babies Look in the Womb! These Are Stunning!

Here are the pictures I was describing.  The photographer, at Fermont Fotograph, out of Belgium, is doing something revolutionary and you can see how powerful the images are.  I am certain this is going to catch on in the United States as well.   Here is a snippet from the article over at to give you an idea of exactly what I am talking about.  Check them out and let us know what you think of the photos.  I spoke with the photographer and she gave permission to use the photos on our site.  Stay tuned for an interview with her in the near future.

Where did you first see such a photo?

I was the first birth photographer in the Netherlands to start taking these types of pictures. When I documented my first birth it was the midwife who showed the parents how the baby was positioned inside the womb. I also teach birth photography workshops and I always tell my attendees to ask the midwife for this pose. Most of them do, so you see these type of photos more often now in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Here’s a preview of a few of the pictures from

newborn photos Fremot Fotographie Stunning photos show how a baby fits in your womb
Do many parents request you take a pic like this?

Yes, sometimes they do. I always ask the midwife if she wants to show this pose and most of the time they are more than willing to do so. Sometimes it’s also the dad who likes to show. With instructions from the midwife he will hold his baby the way it was inside the womb.

More photos of midwives and dads letting babies pose in their pre-birth positions:

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